Everyone counts and values

“Flower will be just a flower! It will look like as the empty beautify plant when it is standing alone without other elements such as trees, pond, grass, and buildings which are the best complement to help create a perfume for the flower that finally it outputs a nice view”, Ly Chin

Given these points, everyone possesses its own unique value and everyone is part of the main part of others!

Just like the flower, there are a lot of people may have missed recognizing their own talent, aptitude, values and qualifications that they have been possessing since they were born. Additionally, they did not bring up their capability to use in a professional manner in the fact that each person certainly owns and occupies a special asset from their birth.

Few bullets points below explain what makes you feel pessimistic and skipping your own values

  •  Always reckon other better than oneself
  •  Escape from problem rather than sourcing solution
  •  Lose a confidence

What can we do to figure out?

In order to heal and lift you from the barrier of negative thought, the most important thing you must remember and have to action onward is to cease from ignoring your own strengths and always stop seeing other better than yourself. You begin giving yourself a chance to try learning new thing and doing new task and activity through your own accountability. By practicing this approach, you will definitely learn and see your value coming out from your genius that inspires you to scale down from counting on other. This is called a positive motivation tool for you to reflex yourself clearer and sooner you will have a firm position and strong feeling that you are one of the central parts of the other.

Secondly, you should not escape from the problem you face in daily life either at work, at school or anywhere, the more you encounter the problem in every single moment the better credits you earn – because it teaches you learning how to cope with the challenging issues, pushing you to work harder to solve the problems. Facing more troubles, mean you are adding relevant ingredients into your life that will master your ability in any field of obstacles.

Third, do not lose your confidence. Since it is truly said that self-confidence is part of the keys to succeed and extremely significant that can help break through your knowledge limitation. When you lost your confidence you will surely feel nervous and this will discourage you from having a chance to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Undoubtedly, you must maintain your emotional wisely to prevent your bad mood igniting.

In conclusion, everyone possesses its own unique value and everyone is part of the main part of others!

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