Run Run Express

Run Run Express is currier agency located in Phnom Penh serving clients with documents and materials dispatching.

All Public Relation

All public relation is a construction company servicing architectural design to one contractor or a large group construction like school, company or individual mansion.

Psar KC

Psarkc is an online business platform that merchandise several items like electronic, electrical, solar energy, fashion, sporting good, health and beauty and real estate.

Meas Development Holding

Meas Development Holding services best restaurant and café experience. The mission of our Holding is to create, manage and operate global and regional food and beverage brands in Asia. The company care customers with high quality, freshly made meals at attractive prices.



BITUS PLC established in 2008 with the initially principle objective of making trade, Business and investment in the commercial, construction and import export. Bitus has become one of the leading pioneers in construction sector in Cambodia.