POS is Your Good Friend and a Solution Dealer

In the digital world, every new birth business owners always prioritize the technology to merchandise their trade and products through website and other social media platforms in order to reach their potential customers and buyers with a search online.

In this case, if you are a technology oriented person and you are running a bookstore/mini mart with many different items, you will probably think about a good software system that can help manage and record your products accurately and correctly in order to facilitate your business solution in response to the modern world.

Furthermore, you will need to know quickly how much profit you generated from sale, how much income you have made per day or in one month as well as how many products were sold and how many products left. To handle this case, many of business owners use Point of Sale (POS) system to coordinate this challenge.

Point of Sale (POS) software is very poplar tool developed by software developer to categorize and manage the product and sale management. POS work suitably with a small company like mini mart or wholesaler.

Why POS is a good friend and you need it? Below are a few points that POS is essential for your business.
– Stock controlling system
– Sale management system
– Quick online data access

Being as a wholesaler, there are several products available in your shop that requires you to control, record, count, setting price on purchase and sale.

All this procedure, it will take you plenty of time administering your items from one item to another.

Nevertheless, if you are doing it on hand obviously you will get lost, double recording and mistakenly confused yourself. But for now, you can take a big break and stop your worries anymore because with POS it will do all that necessary function for you properly – you only need to do is to computerize the code of your product into POS system correctly. For example, when you purchase toothpaste from supplier, you must set the code for that item so that it will do a whole process for you in term of product controlling in your shop either sale or stock quantity.

What is more important, POS is a reliable sale management system – why do we say that. Supposedly, if today you have a client ordering the purchase of twenty different items from your shop. Among the 20 products, it was ordered 250 pieces and each of the product cost different price from USD2.50 to USD 5.50 which is depending on the items purchased. If you are using hand or calculator to give the bill, definitely it will be very difficult, confuse and take time. Instead, if you are having a smart POS system with your shop, it will generate the total cost for you quickly and reliable.

Additionally, if you are hiring a staff to do the accounting, surely the staff cannot take advantage or cheat you on sale because you have a good friend in the shop to manage this work for you, is POS!

Lastly, with POS you can easily access information of your products and sale from distance. For instance, if you have a mission abroad for one week or one month, you do not have to worry about getting information about your sale and product because POS is designed to be compatible with internet access since it is definitely true that technology makes the world smaller and brings everything closer to you. So everywhere has internet connection you can monitor all information regarding sale, stock and monthly report straightforward.

All in all, POS is Your Good Friend and Solution Dealer!

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